Terms and conditions


We only allow players who are of the legal age in our gambling scene. We recommend 18 years and over but if your jurisdiction’s allowed age is different, we also consider it. Players must have the mentally healthy so that they are responsible for their actions. Only then can they follow the dos and don’ts herein. 918Kiss holds the power to do away with deals and transactions with minors.

For the rules of individual games, our partner site’s rules should be followed. When there are crises, we quickly transfer our customer’s issue to the partner’s site support team. Once it’s resolved, we update our customers on any feedback provided. In spite of that, we hold the power to consult about our partner’s end choice on the matter.

Always remember we will refuse to account for any gambles played abnormally. This, for instance, involves the application of artificial intelligence or bots. To make sure we provide maximum security, we forbid our players to play manually so that we can promote equality and fairness to all the casino slot lovers.

All gamblers need to safeguard their personal details because 918Kiss is not answerable to all the losses attributed to hacking from the gambler’s end. However, we are always in charge of any security and safety issues coming from our end and resolve accordingly.

To reinforce top security, we advise the players to make deposits, play slots, then withdraw their balances.


We ensure we guarantee high-end security to our members to keep them off fraudulent activities. Thus, we’ve hired skilled manpower and wonderful software for security to see to it that security is not compromised. Hence, keeps you off hacking and malware.

Note that the player retains the duty to keep their personal details safe above anything else. Their passwords are also sensitive and should be treated as such. You hold no right against us if your password is retrieved because you neglected confidentiality.

Terms and conditions for the bonus

The allocation of bonuses happens to only one player’s account. We just consider a valid email address when giving out bonuses. If a player opens the second account, it goes against our rules. In such a case, we declare both accounts void and return the previous deposits made.

Withdrawal only happens after meeting the requirements stated in the promotion. The balance of the deposit and wins present cannot be withdrawn unless this condition is met.
It’s possible for a member to apply for a bonus in promotion but it’s not credited in the player’s account.

They need to:

  • We can request the member to credit the balance afresh when it is inadequate before crediting to the account.
  • When the member has not fulfilled the condition on the turnover condition, 918Kiss can refuse to process the withdrawal. Later on, the member should satisfy this condition then request to withdraw the second time.

If a member is stubborn and won’t stop playing during the crediting process, we have the mandate to fail to cancel or allow them to withdraw their balance. Only when such a member fulfills that will we accept them to proceed with withdrawing.

For the turnover in the promotion, we consider gambles that give a return of win or loss. For canceled or bets with a draw, a promotion bonus is not kept in the account. Slot games that contribute to any promotion wagers are 25% those placed on Roulette games and 50% RNG slots.

We also hold the power lengthen the period of promotion at any time by either increasing or decreasing it.

918Kiss may ask for verifying personal information all the time to prove their identity for the purposes of security checks. This information should include valid gambler’s names, details of payment and any other relevant information needed.

Bets don’t accumulate hence the leading deposit must always precede the second deposit followed by the rest additional promotions.
We forbid the opening of player accounts by employees, their relatives or any representative in 918Kiss. We do this to ensure no promotions are taken advantage of by those with the information.

Though we hold the duty to keep our players’ information secured, we might compromise the rule at times. 918Kiss preserve the right to make public both the first name and initial of their surname and their location during promotion periods. However, this is after the player’s consent after they are informed of the development.

Getting involved in any of our promotions means that you have already read and agreed to rules and regulations. Additionally, you have consented to the terms in the individual game plans.


We strictly credit your account when you confirm you have received a deposit. After this, we advise you to keep the banking receipts safely for future proof of transaction.
Consult our customer support service immediately you finish transacting so that they can make it quick for you to receive your balance. Our support team ensures you receive the balance in 15 minutes’ time after the transaction. When you request to withdraw, you are needed to give the username, account details and account balance for a quick transaction. 918Kiss holds the right to void withdraws when the verification process is happening. The same applies when issues arise in the information provided.