SCR888/918KISS Casino Login in Malaysia

When you have the SCR888/918Kiss app on your either your android device, iPhone or computer, the next thing you have to do is log in. You need your game ID and the password so that you can play your slots with no interruptions. The login process is two-sided since there’s logging in to the website and logging in to the mobile application. It’s up to you to ask for help from the online casino agents all over the Internet.

How to Log in to the SCR888 Kiosk Agent Site

Though you might rely on the 918Kiss kiosk website for more playtime, which equals an expanding bank account, you may experience numerous technical hitches. This makes it hard to log in to place the bets and try your luck in winning huge cash prizes.

This is a result of the disruption in kiosk4.scr888 login website when it’s attacked, thus causing a downtime. The loading speed slows too badly, and one serious case in 2016 observed the 918Kiss login site down for 30 minutes.

So, how do you log in to the site?

The first step is to open the website through your browser and be keen on any issues that may arise.

Here are option sites you can use to log in:


How to Login to your Player’s Site

Now that you have successfully installed the SCR888 application on either your Android device, iPhone, or computer, you need to log in to start playing poker games.

The first step is to open the kiosk4 SCR888 login page, but remember you don’t have an ID. Therefore you cannot proceed to play the game, but we can help.

Try to reach out to SCR888 agent kiosk online for game ID, which you will use to play. The best online casino in Malaysia has a presence all over the Internet, so you are sure to get some help. The advertisements all over the web and in social media will help you to spot an agent who will give you a game ID.

The agents also perform a login test upon your request to verify that the details they give you are correct. It calls for utmost care while playing casino slots since there are fraudsters all over ready to con you of your hard-earned cash.

After a successful test, you can play all your favorite casino slots and join the big family of the Asian gambling community. There’s no limit to the amount of luck you have in the best gambling platform in Malaysia, and you need to try it today.

After you have successfully logged in to the SCR888 login site, enter your game ID/username and the password to access the site.


The few issues you might experience include:

  1. You might be stuck on the login page after kiosk 918Kiss login request.
  2. Your might get redirected to the Cloudflare error page.
  3. Your might load several times with nothing showing.

The alternative to these issues is to perform the SCR888 login through the alternative sites given above.



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